SKU: SID4400

Hotel Ice Machine & Dispenser (SID4400)

  • Separate Ice Dispenser with water or without water
  • Easy to Install with or without stand
  • Great for Hotels and Sanitary purposes
  • Designed capability to mount with Head only
  • SIM420 & SIM1000 Head
  • Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Stand is Separate and Included
  • Optional free standing on table without stand
  • Built In application or free standing
  • Easy to clean Water-Flowing drain
  • Mounting Kit included for SIM420 or SIM1000 Ice Machine Head
  • Long lasting gaskets and rubber seals
  • Clear hard cube shaped ice
  • Convenient Maintenance Accessibility
  • Adjustable 6” Leveling Legs
  • Rear Panel galvanized sheet
  • NSF approved

30″ X 31 11/16″ X 65 5/16″


Ice Machines and Ice Shavers

Standard Features of the Stainless Steel Ice Machine Dispensers and Ice Shaver
E­fficient Ice Cube Production: Produces up to 55 to 420 lbs of ice per day.
Free Standing or Built In application.
Water-Flowing Ice Making Style.
Condenser Style: Air Cooled Condenser
Ice Cube Style: Clear hard cube shaped ice
Convenient Maintenance Accessibility: Easily accessible control panel for use and maintenance
Water Conservation: Water usage rate is up to 99%.
Hygienic Water System: Has an extra DC Pump Valve to purge the residual water before going into Standby status and after auto-clean.
Consistent Cube Production: Use of our Patented Water Quantity Control Technique assures the same weight ice cubes under different ambient temperature conditions.


Model SID4400
Voltage 220V / 60hz / 1PH
Bin Capacity 420 to 450 pounds
Ice Crushing Speed N/A
Production 24hrs N/A
Ice Cube Size 7/8 x 7/8 x 7/8
Load Capacity (40’HC) 56
Ice Shave Adjustments N/A
Dimensions (inches LXDXH) 30″ X 31 11/16″ X 65 5/16″
Net Weight (lbs.) 385 Lbs.

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