10 Ways to Avoid Warranty Issues

There are many times the consumer can get frustrated by dealing with refrigeration warranty issues.  Read the manufacturers warranty carefully.  Many times the consumer takes warranty for granted.  Here are 10 ways to avoid non-compliance warranty issues:

  1.   Never use an extension cord to plug in a commercial  appliance.
  2.   Always use a dedicated 30 amp circuit breaker without other appliances plugged into the same outlet
  3.   Keep minimum 3″ space between the wall and other appliances.
  4.   Make sure the appliance in not in front of a window in direct sunlight
  5.   Never use a commercial appliance in a residential setting (this will void the warranty)
  6.   Always conduct preventive maintenance every 6 months.
  7.   Check compressor compartment and keep dirt, lint, and trash from clogging the condenser coils.
  8.   Never change locations of your appliance without notifying the manufacturer (this can void your warranty)
  9.   Never use your appliance on a mobile truck
  10.   Never use your appliance on a generator

The most common problem on voided warranty issues are electrical.  Consumers connect multiple appliances in one electrical outlet because their business is not set up properly for the amount of electrical appliances used in the establishment.  Or they may use an extension cord which is taboo.   Most commercial refrigeration equipment will pull 15 amps at start-up.  The Establishment my have only 20 amp circuit breakers.  Therefore, if you have two or more appliances in one outlet, then you can see the math.  Circuit breaker overload.  This can cause your circuit breaker to flip or turn off for safety measures.  The compressor will overheat or overload and burn-out.  Worst of all, it could cause a fire hazard.   Our recommendation is to have a licensed electrician conduct tests to make sure all your appliances are getting enough juice!

If you follow these simple steps, the chances of your warranty getting denied is minimum.  At Alamo Refrigeration we care about your purchase and will help you remedy any problem you may have.  Alamo Refrigeration will offer special deals on close out models and offer attractive low prices to move year end inventory.   This is a great time of year to buy commercial refrigeration.  We are here to serve you and make your purchase as pleasant as possible.  You can always call 210-653-2500 and talk with a person live.  You should not get a voice mail.  Our phones are worked by live professional personnel for sales and after sales service and customer service.

You can review our warranty on line by clicking https://alamorefrigeration.com/warranty/