10 Reasons to Purchase Restaurant and Grocery refrigeration in December

10 great reasons to buy commercial refrigeration now before the end of December.  Act now to save 20% extra discount on all commercial restaurant and grocery equipment through the Christmas season sale.  This is the first time ever Alamo Refrigeration has made such aggressive sale offers on key close-out equipment before year end.  Prices so … Read more

OMG Black Friday Friday Refrigeration Sale

OMG Black Friday Refrigeration sale as never seen before!   Oh my god, it’s Black Friday at Alamo Refrigeration!  All day Friday and Cyber Monday is here at Alamo Refrigeration.  Two days only take an ADDITIONAL 20% discount.  This sale effective for ALL supermarket, convenience store, and restaurant equipment category on our website.  Super low prices … Read more

Will the China Tariffs affect the way you purchase Commercial Refrigeration?

Yes, be aware of China tariffs.  Did you know that most of Alamo Refrigeration commercial restaurant products were imported from China?  Not a bad thing.  Except if you were expecting prices to stay LOW, you will be shocked come January 2019?  If you are in the market to buy  commercial refrigeration, then the time to … Read more

How take advantage of Year End Inventory Clearance! – “The Hunt for October”

Year end inventory clearance and the Hunt for October!  Did you know that October is one of best months of the year to purchase commercial refrigeration?  Take for example Alamo Refrigeration.  Look-out for our year end INVENTORY CLEARANCE sale starting OCTOBER 1, 2018.  We will be running some unbelievable sale prices with special warranty conditions … Read more