Use financing as way to stream line your cash flow.  As your small to medium business grows, so do the the need to purchase assets and commercial refrigeration.   At Alamo Refrigeration, we can provide sound financing tools for you to consider.  Here are few questions and answers for you to consider when making your next purchasing decision:

Q. Can I finance used equipment?
A. Yes! Purchasing used equipment is an affordable way to conserve cash and keep payments low. Used equipment also qualifies for the Section 179 tax deduction. At ILS we have found that many of our vendor partners sell both new and used equipment.

Q. Is it easier to go through my bank?
A. No! Banks ask for more documentation, generally take much longer to approve customers, and the rejection rate is incredibly high at nearly 80% denials. With private lenders like ILS we have much more leniency and funds are more readily available within 24 hours!! 

Q. What are the interest rates of financing equipment?
A. It is common for the interest rate to be the biggest finance consideration. When in actuality many factors are taken into consideration in determining a monthly payment based on particular terms. Time in business, amount financed, term and bank statements history all play a role in determining a low monthly payment.  

I hope these Q and A’s help you properly assist your company that may be hesitant in financing your equipment!   At Alamo Refrigeration we want to help you leverage your options to manage your business growth! 

Please contact us at 210-653-2500 for any questions about our Financing.   Or log onto our website and click this link for a fast financing quotation.  Or if you’d like click our quick link: and get an immediate quotation.

Try out our fast and low rated financing, available to all of your customers!  All customers can be approved for $5000 to 50,000 or more,  We are now able to take applications only up to 250,000 and offer additional capital for A loan customers.  Our rates start at 4.2% For all A loan customers.   We can fund within 48 hours on non titled equipment!