How take advantage of Year End Inventory Clearance! – “The Hunt for October”

Year end inventory clearance and the Hunt for October!  Did you know that October is one of best months of the year to purchase commercial refrigeration?  Take for example Alamo Refrigeration.  Look-out for our year end INVENTORY CLEARANCE sale starting OCTOBER 1, 2018.  We will be running some unbelievable sale prices with special warranty conditions to move out inventory before year end.  In fact, we could be offering close out prices on selected Kitchen Equipment models from October 1st through December 31, 2018.  Why?  The answer is simple, why would we pay excess inventory tax on commercial equipment instead of taking a loss or reduction to avoid Texas Franchise taxes.  This enables our company to take advantage of the “Freeport Exemption” because if we turn inventory within 3 to 6 months we are tax exempt.  So this saves our company 10’s of thousands of dollars in excess overstock of inventory.  Our loss is your gain.

Be looking for ridiculously low price  reductions in ALL of our Commercial Refrigeration Kitchen Equipment!  All products ranging from upright stainless steel refrigerators and freezers.  This will include single doors, double doors, kitchen prep tables, pizza tables, under the counter refrigerators and freezers, glass door refrigerators, freezers in all sizes.  This includes all glass door merchandisers from  small single doors, counter tops, upright double doors and even triple glass door refrigerators.  Look for our products in the RESTAURANT category.

Shop and shop until you drop on the “Hunt for October!”  Don’t wait until BLACK FRIDAY or Christmas season near year end because all the good pickings will be sold out.  Prices may never be this low again.

Here are 10 good reasons why to purchase in October:

  1.  Alamo must clear out older models for new production coming schedule
  2.  Alamo does not want to pay property taxes on overstock inventory.
  3.  China and the US are in a trade war and all new production will taxed 10% through December 31, 2018
  4.  The US is threatening to raise that tariff higher to 25% effective January 1, 2019
  5.   Alamo Refrigeration’s website price shopping E-Commerce is a BOTTOM LINE price with no hidden costs
  6.   Alamo Refrigeration offers “FREE SHIPPING” on every purchase
  7.   Alamo Refrigeration prepays ALL state and local taxes so you as a consumer does not have too!
  8.   All items advertised on our website are “IN-STOCK” ready for immediate delivery.
  9.   All items are pre-checked and pulled down to ensure factory quality control before shipping.
  10.   Most of all – “OUR PRICES CAN NOT BE BEAT!”

We will be sending out a google ad campaign during the month of October and we invite you to check and see for your self.  You can always talk to someone live on the phone during business hours Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM CDST.