10 Reasons to purchase the new “XDPC” Dipping Cabinet

Alamo Refrigeration is proud to announce the NEW production stock of an ECONOMY line of the DPC Series of heavy duty deluxe dipping cabinets.   We now offer two new models that have very attractive features.  The first model is the XDPC46-HC which is an (8) eight hole ice cream that has sectional hole openings to display the (3) three gallon container of ice cream flavors.  Next we have the XDPC66-HC that is the same style cabinet that has (12) twelve hole ice cream to display the (3) gallon containers of ice cream flavors.  The “HC” designates the compressor is the new energy savings hydro-carbon refrigerant compressors that run quite and energy efficient.  The cabinet has factory installed beautiful curve shape sneeze rail glass that make viewing products attractive.  There are plenty of white exterior surface on front and sides to install company graphics and logos showing off your company brands.  Alamo Refrigeration offers a full in-house printing department that can customize and install these decals at a nominal cost.  Both these cabinets can be purchased directly from our website for less than $2,000 delivered to your store.  If you purchase on our website, you will get FREE SHIPPING and prepaid taxes with no hidden costs.  These dipping cabinet  includes night covers to protect the ice cream from getting hard and crusty and saving electricity for low cost.  The compressor compartment is easy to access adn clean for preventive maintenance.  We invite you to shop and compare our cabinet to Master-Bilt or Kelvenator and see for yourselves how much money you can save.

Top 10 reasons to purchase “XDPC” Dipping Cabinet:

  • Stainless steel top with curved glass viewing window.
  • Bright white painted steel interior and exterior.
  • Electronic control system makes it easy to adjust temperature set point and defrost frequency.
  • Refrigeration system keeps ice cream at temperatures between -10°F and 5°F (-23°C to -15°C).
  • Removable installation board makes it easy to access condenser coil for cleaning and service.
  • Transparent lids hinged with a full length handle.
  • These units use HYDRO-CARBON R290 refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and more efficient than R134a/R404a refrigerant.
  • Plastic can holder for each container rack.
  • Attractive LED lighting.
  • | Lids – 2 | Racks – 12 | HP – 1/2+ | AMPS – 5.64 | Voltage – 115/60/1 | Plug Type – NEMA 5-15p |

If you are in the market for a nice and dependable dipping cabinet, then please consider XDPC46-HC or XDPC66-HC.  To view the price and down load the spec sheet, click or copy and past https://alamorefrigeration.com/product/dipping-cabinet-dpc-series-xdpc66-hc/

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